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2019 Nov 06

My Favorite Places in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I stayed in Chiang Mai in December 2019 as a digital nomad, and these are my favorite places from my stay.

Brewginning Coffee


If you want to go to the hippiest place in Chiang Mai, go to Brewginning Coffee. This is a cafe in the renovated historical building. There are many tourists taking picture there. And the great thing is that this cafe is not only hip but it also serves the best coffee in town. I tried beans from Omkoi, Chiang Mai and it was one of the best coffee I had in Thai.

Punspace Tha Pae Gate


Punspace Tha Pae Gate is my favorite coworking space in Chiang Mai. Some may say that the best one is Yellow Space in Nimman. Yes, that space is more popular among nomads and always busy. Still, this quiet Punspace branch is my favorite. I especially like its spacious interiors and the professional facilities like work chairs and external monitors. I also like its neighborhood. It's quiet and feels more local than Nimman.

Chang Moi Road


What I like the most about traveling is walking and see the town around. And Chang Moi Road was one of the most interesting walk in Chiang Mai. You can start from Brewginning Cafe and go towards Warorot Market which is a biggest local market in Chiang Mai. Along the road, you can see many unique old buildings and interesting local businesses. If you feel like you are trapped in touristy spots, feel the local vibe in Chang Moi Road.

Pin River


It's not a very touristic thing to do but walking along the Pin river was a nice & calming experience. This brown muddy river is somehow so relaxing to look at. You can see many locals gather here and do their own business. Some resting, some fishing, some waiting for a Grab call. It's amazing to see that how the atmosphere changes from the city center. Chiang Mai is already a slow-paced city but here, the time slows down even more. I took a walk from Khua Lek Bridge to Chansom Memorial Bridge which was really a nice walk. If you get tired of walking, you can take a coffee break at khna coffee brewers.

Graph Ground Coffee


Graph ground is my favorite cafe in Nimman area. It has wide range of high quality Thai beans especially from north part of Thailand. If you come to Chiang Mai, you have to try Thai coffee. They are surprisingly good. The cafe is also a great place to work on a laptop.

Khao Soi Khun Yai

One of my mission in Chiang Mai was to find the best Khao Soi in town. I've tried all the Khao Soi place I can find and I can confidently say that Khao Soi Khun Yai is the best in Chiang Mai. I especially liked their soup. It tasted so deep & rich yet not too creamy like other Khao Soi. If you just want the best Khao Soi, go Khao Soi Khun Yai.

Koyi Chicken Rice

When I stayed in Nimman area, Koyi Chicken Rice was my go-to lunch spot. Their small sized Khao Man Gai (chicken rice) is best for a quick lunch break.